Montgomery County Slip and Fall Lawyer

Each year in the United States, thousands of individuals suffer an injury caused by the negligence of a property or home owner. A slip and fall case happens when someone slips and falls because of a hazardous condition on another person’s land, sidewalk, or other property. An experienced Montgomery County Slip and Fall Lawyer understands that these types of accidents can occur because of poor lighting, water on the floor, uneven changes in flooring, or a hard to see hole or crack in the ground. We have all experienced the effects of gravity by slipping and falling and sometimes the injury which results can be severe. While we many of us are able to get back up off the floor and resume our normal activities, some of these accidents result in severe and sometimes life changing injuries. The injury can range from a sprained wrist or ankle to a broken leg or at worst a spinal injury or wrongful death.

Quality Slip and Fall Attorneys in Montgomery County

If you suffer an injury due to a slip and fall, a Montgomery County Slip and Fall Lawyer can file a claim against the party or entity for the negligent design, operation or upkeep of their property. This claim can be filed against a store owner, the store’s maintenance company, a homeowner, a property owner, a tenant or even your employer if the accident happens while you are on the job. In addition you may be eligible for no fault benefits designed to cover medical bills and or loss of earnings.

In order to establish the liability of the property owner, a Montgomery County Slip and Fall Attorney will attempt to prove whether:

  • The owner of the premises, land or property intentionally or deliberately created the risky condition;
  • The owner knew the risks but still failed to correct it; or
  • The risky condition had existed for an extended amount of time in such that an ordinary and reasonable owner should have discovered the risks and made efforts to correct it.

As the degree of injuries vary and the slip and fall conditions vary, there is not an exact way to determine the owner’s legal responsibility. Each claim can be dependent on the owner’s actions. For example, the claim can depend on whether the owner was reasonably careful in attempting to prevent slip and fall or trip and fall accidents or if you were careless or reckless in not avoiding or seeing the hazardous condition that caused your slip and fall injury. Due to the complexity of the claims and many variables, it is beneficial to consult with a Montgomery County Slip and Fall Attorney to resolve your specific situation.

If you are suffering from a slip and fall injury, a Montgomery County Slip and Fall attorney can negotiate your legal rights for compensation.